/ freelance art director

Arosali − The bear of hope

There are stuffed animals which are more than just toys. They are faithful companions with magical power that give children power in hard times. For some of them they are even livesavers, like the teddybear Arosali was. He helped the fourteen year old Michael Flörsheim to survive his hard time in a concentration camp. This case is all about the hope and power that people are able to receive from a stuffed animal and pays − together with the organisation Kinderträme e.V. − attention to the situation in which children and teenagers, who suffer from life threatening diseases, find themselves today.

Besides developing the initial idea further within the team, my task was to develop the overall look of the campaign, the art direction and taking care of shootings − both, still and motion picture − and their postproduction, creating 2D-Animations for the casefilms aswell as the concept and design for the Arosali website.


Ogilvy & Mather Germany / CCO: Dr. Stephan Vogel / ECD: Kenny Blumenschein / CD: Serdar Kantekin / Creatives: Hugo Kottermann, Sophie Wolf, Marius Sommerfeld, Esra Büyükdoganay, Tejmur Sattarov, Charles Dennewald, Martin Maczurek / Technical Direction: Stefan Selge


Cannes Lions, Shortlist


Dive into Michaels story and learn more about the power of toys: Visit Website