/ freelance art director

Ay Yildiz campaign 2015

»Weil die Zukunft dir gehört, sen de bizdensin (bist du ein Teil von uns / you're one of us)«

Ay Yildiz is a mobile network brand for German-Turkish people who live in Germany. In 2015, we've created a campaign celebrating the outstanding, successful story of this community.

The first generation came to Germany to work. The second one established itself and became a part of the society. The third and the forth generation are having all opportunities to shape their future. And that, we want to celebrate. In cooperation with the communities' most talented artists we created a piece of music to captivate people, to move them emotionally and pay them the tribute they deserve.


Grey Germany / CCO: Fabian Kirner / CD: Phillip Benner, Arkadius Wenglorz, Steffen Bärenfänger / Creatives: Lars Schütz, Moritz Ebeling, Sophie Wolf, Martin Maczurek
Music: Beathoavenz, Eko Fresh, Özlem Özdil, Mehtap Guitar, Elif Batman, Volkan Baydar


Effie 2016 - Bronze